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Using Ecospace

About Ecospace
Ecospace is the dynamic, spatial version of Ecopath that incorporates all the key elements of Ecosim. The user can define a predation risk, feeding rate, and level of fishing vs profitability.
Ecospace allows users to explore the potential role of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) as a tool to mitigate, and perhaps reverse various ecosystem effects of fishing, notably the effects of ‘Fishing down marine food webs’.

Two approaches for spatial optimization of protected area placement have been implemented in Ecospace and both are based on maximizing a pre-chosen function that incorporates ecological, social, and economical criteria.

  1. Protection of areas (aka cells) can be evaluated one at a time, allowing the user to pick the one that maximizes the objective function.
  2. Using a likelihood sampling procedure based on weighted importance layers of conservation interest to evaluate alternative protected area sizing and placement.

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