Member Presentations of Articles from the Scientific Literature Related to Synapses, Neurons, Networks, Brains, Behavior, Consciousness, Learning, Memory, Mental Disorders...

  1. Choose and read a journal article. Here are some of the journals available at WCU.
  2. To help find an article, you might consult this page with links to blogs and other resources that deal with neuroscience.
  3. Use textbooks, review articles, and other sources to get background information.
  4. Develop a presentation (about 40 min).
  5. Make your presentation to the group, and hopefully, a lively discussion will ensue.
  6. For more, see this article on the subject from PLoS. In addition, you could take a look at this article to help guide your critical evaluation of the papers your read. (You might even want to check some of the other articles in PLoS's Ten Simple Rules Collection as well).
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