Dr. Oné R. Pagán
Professor of Biology

Ph.D. Pharmacology major / Neurobiology Minor - Cornell University
M.S. Biochemistry - University of Puerto Rico
B.S. General Sciences - University of Puerto Rico
Office: Merion 302
Voice: (610)-436-2165
email: opagan@wcupa.edu

Courses usually taught:

Bio 100 Basic Biological Sciences
Bio 367 Physiology of Drug Interactions
SCB 210 The Origins of Life in the Universe (with Dr. A. Nicastro)
Bio 491 Undergraduate Research
Bio 591 Graduate Research

Courses taught in the past:

Bio 110 General Biology (Lecture & laboratories)
BIL 333 Recombinant DNA Techniques
Bio 490 Seminars in Biology
Bio 269 (lab) Anatomy & Physiology II
PPD 481/482 Drug Design I,II
Bio 537 Graduate Topics in Biology
Bio 514 Research Techniques

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